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Snack Size Almond Joy - .5oz

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Snack Size Size, .5 oz

Just looking at the wrapper of a Snack Size Almond Joy is all it takes for drool to start forming in the corners of your mouth. Your taste buds already know that they are in for a decadent delight that is pure bliss.

The coconut-based center is topped with an almond and enrobed in a mouthwatering layer of creamy milk chocolate. With these in your pantry, you will be skipping that high-dollar dessert at the restaurant to save room for one of these bars. Each Snack Size Almond Joy is only 80 calories. Compare that to the 492 calories in a sliver of tiramisu, and you won't feel guilty about eating a second one.

Each Snack Size Almond Joy is individually wrapped, so you can hand them out at Halloween, and finally be known as the cool house in the neighborhood. Add them to gift bags at kids' parties or pack them in lunch boxes occasionally for a special treat. This is a great big bulk supply, so there is plenty to share.


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Snack Size Almond Joy - .5oz


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