Atomic Fireballs - 5lb Wrapped

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4.9/5 stars

Atomic Fireballs - 5lb Wrapped

Availability: In stock

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20 Reviews | Add Your Review

4.9/5 stars

Wrapped, 5 lbs

We need a caution sign for this huge five pound bag of candies. That's because these Atomic Fireballs pack enough heat to blow your mouth back to 2002! Individually wrapped, these red, little monsters are ablaze with the fire of an active volcano.

You'll feel the fiery inferno explode in your mouth and turn your saliva to lava within seconds. If you have friends who love cinnamony spice and think they can handle this powerful heat, then this candy will put a spark back in their love for candy. Get your bag today to put into red themed candy displays, add to holiday candy dishes, to give to all the spicy lovers in your family and group of friends, and just to enjoy at your own risk. With 50 pieces per pound, you'll take a long time to put out this blaze. Your taste buds will have to call the fire department!


My favorite

I ordered Atomic Fireballs because they have always been my favorite candy. I haven't been able to buy them around me for some reason. They came timely and were awesome. Matter of fact I'm enjoying one as I type this. I recommend CandyDirect to anyone searching for their favorite candies!

Dec 13, 2014


Some for myself, some for others. A classic, and a conversation starter.

Dec 4, 2014

fast delivery

I bought the atomic fireballs for my self. I love these hot cinnamon candies- was disapointed in the size though- they were smaller than the ones I got years before.

Nov 22, 2014

Still the one and only

I went camping with the family a few weeks ago and they had these at a touristy store so I picked some up. As a kid they were awesome so I got my kids hooked as well. They didn't last too long. Luckily, I found the 5 lb option at Candy Direct. The kids are happy, I'm ecstatic and the hero at the office.

Nov 13, 2014

Atomic Fireballs

Personal use. I mostly share them with others.

Nov 13, 2014

The Bomb

A big bowl of Atomic Fire Balls spices up our presentations and meetings; they are The Bomb. Finding Candy Direct has allowed us to enhance our "payload" with out spending a dollar more for the candy, yea 100 more Atomic Fire Balls for the same price we were paying the other guys.

Nov 7, 2014


Always quick when I need it. My own personal use. I go through a bag every 6 weeks :)

Oct 31, 2014

Excellent office candy

We have atomic fireballs at the front desk in our office. They are perfect office candy because they freshen your breath, wake you up in the afternoon, and are individually wrapped for freshness.

Oct 29, 2014

Fire Balls

I love these candies and cannot find them in any store. When I found them on Candy Direct, I was thrilled. They are reasonably priced and I receive them very quickly!

Oct 22, 2014

The secret weapon in my Cold War against smoking

Thirty years ago I quit smoking. Very tough - I tried nicotine patches, nicotine gum, everything, but none of it worked.
Then I tried some Atomic Fireballs - Success!
They're so good!
Cheap and quick delivery too.
I'll be back!

Oct 16, 2014
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20 Reviews | Add Your Review

4.9/5 stars

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Atomic Fireballs - 5lb Wrapped


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