Atomic Fireballs - 5lb Wrapped

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4.8/5 stars

Atomic Fireballs - 5lb Wrapped

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4.8/5 stars

Wrapped, 5 lbs

We need a caution sign for this huge five pound bag of candies. That's because these Atomic Fireballs pack enough heat to blow your mouth back to 2002! Individually wrapped, these red, little monsters are ablaze with the fire of an active volcano.

You'll feel the fiery inferno explode in your mouth and turn your saliva to lava within seconds. If you have friends who love cinnamony spice and think they can handle this powerful heat, then this candy will put a spark back in their love for candy. Get your bag today to put into red themed candy displays, add to holiday candy dishes, to give to all the spicy lovers in your family and group of friends, and just to enjoy at your own risk. With 50 pieces per pound, you'll take a long time to put out this blaze. Your taste buds will have to call the fire department!


Atomic Fireballs

I am the nurse at ant Assisted Living Facility and Adult Home and My residents love Fireball. When I was no longer able to find them in the stores you really came through!

Sep 29, 2014

Fire Balls

I bought the atomic fireballs for my self, and my sister. She got me started on them when I visited her last Christmas, and I could not stop eating them, so when I got home I ordered to of the large can of them. So for something new to send to her I went to the company again and bought her some just about two weeks ago, she got them already and was very glad to get them, she had not had the money to buy them in the big cans for long time, so she was happy I sent them to her. Now I am stuck on them. I remember eating them when I was a child at the movie shows. You should get you some, may bring back so of the good times you had as a kid, they also have a lot of different candies that we had as a kid that you can not find in the stores now days, Happy Shopping.

Sep 28, 2014

Great Balls of Fire!

My dry cleaners has a bowl of these little babies and on my weekly drop-offs, I usually grab a handful to enjoy until the next time I go back. I decided to find my own source, and googled the product. CandyDirect came up and being a newbie I decided to order the 5lb bag of Atomic Fire Balls! Delish!!
I'm in the Limo business and I decided to add them to our goodies selection and fleet. The clients love them, especially the pilots!
CandyDirect did a great job in getting them to me in a matter of days and when my supply get low, I'll know exactly where to go for a reorder....
Candy Direct is the best!

Sep 26, 2014

Atomic Fireballs

I work in an Assisted Living Facility and Atomic Fireballs are one of the residents favorite treats. I used to buy them by the bag but now I need the 5lb size!

Sep 18, 2014

Love it Fire Balls for spouse.

After Ferrara Pan on line store stopped on line sales started looking for a good deal on 15 pounds single wrapped Ferrara Pan medium fireballs. This is my second 15 pound order this year. Yes he loves these. Have ordered from AMAZON but they were not Farrara Pan Brand started search again so that is when I found CANDYDIRECT. And they are name brand so spouse is happy. If youre looking for the real brand look no more. And we both love it when CANDYDIRECT sends us coupon for free shipping.Every little bit helps. ENJOY.

Sep 7, 2014

Great PR

For over 20 years, I have used Fireballs as a public relations token. Working with the military I threw thousands of fireballs to hundreds of aircraft maintainers as I walked up and down the flight line. The may have not remembered my name but they knew that if they needed assistance with an aircraft they had to contact the "Fireball Guy."

Sep 3, 2014

Addictive - yum

I volunteer at a elementary school and got some of the teachers addicted to the Atomic Fireballs. They are low in calories (20 calories each) and I suck on them instead of eating.
Atomic Fireballs are hot and very, very good. They are also hard so don't try to bite into them. Atomic Fireballs are an excellent source of yummy for your tummy..

Aug 28, 2014


I started taking the fireballs to the school that I volunteer in and got some of the teachers addicted to them. I suck on them so I don't eat other food. They go a long way and I actually lost weight sucking the fireballs instead of stuffing my mouth with high calorie foods. LOVE EM

Aug 25, 2014


I love these candies and I eat them often when swimming in the ocean to keep that salt water taste out!! I couldn't find them in ANY store and found them online at CandyDirect. They are exactly as advertised and came so quick !!!

Aug 20, 2014

Would recommend

Partner loves fireballs. Best price and delivered quickly.

Aug 9, 2014
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10 Reviews | Add Your Review

4.8/5 stars

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Atomic Fireballs - 5lb Wrapped


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