Atomic Fireballs - 5lb Wrapped

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4.9/5 stars

Atomic Fireballs - 5lb Wrapped

Availability: In stock

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37 Reviews | Add Your Review

4.9/5 stars

Wrapped, 5 lbs

We need a caution sign for this huge five pound bag of candies. That's because these Atomic Fireballs pack enough heat to blow your mouth back to 2002! Individually wrapped, these red, little monsters are ablaze with the fire of an active volcano.

You'll feel the fiery inferno explode in your mouth and turn your saliva to lava within seconds. If you have friends who love cinnamony spice and think they can handle this powerful heat, then this candy will put a spark back in their love for candy. Get your bag today to put into red themed candy displays, add to holiday candy dishes, to give to all the spicy lovers in your family and group of friends, and just to enjoy at your own risk. With 50 pieces per pound, you'll take a long time to put out this blaze. Your taste buds will have to call the fire department!


Excellent Product

Atomic Fireballs were one of my favorites when I was growing up and still are. Finally decided to buy them in bulk to have at home. These are still the way they were back in the day.

My bulk order, my first, was through Candy Direct and am very pleased with their level of service. They promptly shipped after my order was placed. The fireballs are exactly as advertised. Very satisfied customer and I'll be back. I highly recommend Candy Direct!

Apr 9, 2015

Packing Heat!

These have been one of my all-time favorite candies for years. Recently our neighborhood "buy in bulk" store went out of business and I searched everywhere locally for another distributor, but to no avail.

I was thrilled when I found CandyDirect online and was able to purchase twice the amount as I was getting before for the same amount of money.

Far warning…these candies are addicting and they are EXTREMELY hot. I had to take a break for a couple of days to give my taste buds a break.

Apr 1, 2015


quick shipping

Mar 27, 2015

A habit for a habit

While trying to stop smoking I tried (almost) everything to no great success until I was given an Atomic Fireball to keep my attention off the growing desire to smoke a cigarette.
It worked at that time so I decided to try it on a larger scale:: the end of a 50+ year toacco habit.
It worked!!
I had an Atomic Fireball every time I had a desired a smoke and it's been a couple months since I smoked!
I'm now addicted d to the Atomic Fireballs,

Mar 15, 2015

Red Hot

I can eat these all day long, good anytime, anyplace!

Feb 27, 2015

Great Valentine's Gift!

My husband loves atomic fireballs, so what better gift than a 5-pd bag of them! I searched around the internet and this seemed to be the best price. My husband loved his huge bag of fireballs, so it was worth it!

Feb 18, 2015

Worth the wait!

Ordered these because I needed a low calorie candy that would help me avoid going back to chewing tobacco and that lasts a long time. This achieves both! Love these things.

Feb 14, 2015

Explosions in your mouth!

I run a tech-service lab for students at a small college. When students come in to our area, they're already annoyed because something isn't working right. I try to perk them up with candy, and Atomic Fireballs are great.

I bought the fireballs in 5lb bags from CandyDirect and have it delivered straight to the college. When they are fresh from the factory like this, they are EXTRA-spicy! My only tip is: warn the customer when they get one that it's likely to be hotter than you expect.

Feb 13, 2015


I've been addicted to them off'n'on for about 60 yrs. I only recently started eating Atomic Fireballs again, but I use them mostly as a sweetener for my coffee.
They did help me stop smoking tobacco about 10 yrs ago..

Feb 10, 2015


I love hot cinnamon candy if you like jaw breakers these are the best.

Feb 8, 2015
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37 Reviews | Add Your Review

4.9/5 stars

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Atomic Fireballs - 5lb Wrapped


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