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    Concord Makes Cry Baby Bubble Gum

    Concord Cry Baby candies challenge even the toughest taste buds. If you are ready for the most intense lip-puckering eye-watering sour flavor, try Cry Baby gum and hard candy. Caution: Cry Baby guarantees uncontrollable sour faces. Trick your friends with our flavor-filled Concord candy treats. They will casually pop a gumball into their mouth expecting a simple sweet taste until the gum’s sour ingredients take over. Watch them squirm or join in with your own Cry Baby.

    If you love Cry Baby candies, choose from our huge selection of wholesale packages to ensure that you will never run out. Cry Baby bubble gum delivers 40 seconds of total intensity before turning into a sweet gum flavor. Enjoy every second of mouth-watering delicious lemon, cherry, apple, berry, orange and watermelon flavors. Choose from our bulk items to find the amount that fits your needs. Our loose unwrapped bubble gum comes in 2.5- and 5-ounce bags. These are great for filling gumball machines, candy jars and goodie bags. Mix with traditional sweet bubble gum for a fun flavor surprise.

    Keep a 2.5-pound bag of wrapped gum handy to prevent the spread of germs. Add wrapped Cry Baby gumballs to your piñata. Our wrapped gum is also available in convenient 120-count and 240-count containers. These boxes are easy to store. Wrapped gum won’t get stale so you can enjoy Cry Baby at your own pace. For individual packs, we carry 5- and 9-piece tubes in 36 and 24 packs. Our 5-piece tube fits conveniently into your pocket or lunch bag. Try a 9-piece tube to share with your friends or give these sour selections out to unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. Our individual packs also include Cry Baby Tears. They are named Tears because their shocking sour blast will make you cry within seconds. Our wholesale sour and sweet Tear hard candies come in 24-pack small boxes and in 2.5- or 5-pound bags.