Dark Green M&M's - Milk Chocolate 5lb

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Dark Green M&M's - Milk Chocolate 5lb

5 lbs

M&Ms have been loved by millions of people ever since they were first invented, with their yummy chocolate flavor and delicious candy crunch.

These Dark Green Milk Chocolate M&Ms look sensational and are fun to eat by the handful! A festive way to commemorate an event with green as one of the main theme colors, you can feature these decadent little candies at a Saint Patrick's Day party or pair them with bright red M&Ms at a Christmas party. They are also a creative way to line Easter baskets, making M&M ‘grass' on which you can set candy bunnies, chicks, and other festive treats. Dark Green M&Ms also make the perfect party favor at children's birthday parties with outdoor or jungle themes. Set a bowl of these on your buffet table beside some festive paper bowls or cups and encourage guests to scoop up a bowlful of these delicious bites to munch on during the party.


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Dark Green M&M's - Milk Chocolate 5lb

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