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Peaches N Cream Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct

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From peach pie to peach cobbler, summertime's sweetheart fruit is certainly showcased in a lot of baked goods, but it's rare you ever see this flavor in candy, and finding peach gum is unheard of.

This is exactly why these Peaches N Cream Gum Balls are so popular. They taste just like you took a juicy, ripe peach and dipped it in homemade ice-cream, only you don't have to deal with fuzz from the peach or brain freeze from the ice-cream.

Fill your gumball machine with these Peaches N Cream Bubble Gum Balls, and you are sure to have a line of people waiting to feed it with quarters. Need to buy a gift for something you hardly know? Pour some in a hurricane dish for a unique treat that is sure to be enjoyed.

Vases or candy dishes filled with these Peaches N Cream Bubble Gum Balls make perfect centerpieces for weddings and baby showers, too!


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Peaches N Cream Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct

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