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    Nut Candy

    We're so crazy about this particular selection of candy, we'd even say they we're "nuts" about them! And we think you might be too once you get a taste of our amazing nut candy. If you love the rich, crunch of nuts in your candy, try some of our Baby Ruth candy bars, Jordan Almonds, Goobers, Peanut M&Ms, Payday bars, Zagnut bars, and a slew of other nutty candy bars we offer. Every nutty candy comes in bulk and at a fraction of the price you'd pay in stores. Stock up for a rainy day, big party you're planning, Halloween, or any other event you can think up!

    Coo-coo. Crazy. Nuts. Whatever you call it, CandyDirect.com's Nut Candy supply will make your mouth go looney for our delicious varieties! Browse our internet shelves and you'll find a boatload of nutty candies that will make your mouth water. Bring some home to throw into baking recipes, add to a birthday party dessert table, or even to snack on when a sweet tooth strikes. We're sure you'll be "nuts" about this supply of tasty confections!