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    Sunflower Seeds Candy

    Mother Nature is such a good cook! We know you'll just love her concoction of chocolate sunflower seeds in our selection of sunflower seed candy. Coated in all sorts of beautiful, bright colors, these delectable little morsels are a real treat. If you have a nutty trail mix you want to add some interest to, want to keep a healthy and delicious treat around the house, or have kids that like a sweet and nutritious snack, these bulk sunflower seeds candy are a great choice for you. In bags of five pounds, you'll have a ton to snack on for weeks to come. And with such a great price, you'll be able to snack guilt free while sticking to your budget!
    The tallest sunflower ever recorded was found in the Netherlands at over 25 feet tall. That's taller than most giraffes! So it's funny to us that these teeny, tiny seeds come from such a humungous bloom. In this section of, you'll find a wide variety of beautifully colored, chocolate covered sun flower seeds! If you have a sweet tooth and love a healthy snack, these bright seeds would be a great choice for you. Bring them home and stick some in a candy dish or even scatter some into nut trail mix to make it extra yummy. These little seeds are sure to make you smile.