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Charms Sweet Pops - 48ct Box

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48 count box

When you think of Charms lollipops, you probably immediately think of classic Blow Pops. While Blow Pops are delicious, they aren't the only way you can enjoy the amazing creations of this popular candy maker.

Charms Sweet Pops offer a different take on the classic lolly, without the chewy gum center! Each Sweet Pop includes a solid disc of colorful hard candy in purple, cherry, strawberry, watermelon and razzberry. Charms Sweet Pops arrive individually wrapped.

Each square package features a solid color that hints at the flavor contained inside. This simple lollipop is a great choice for any occasion. Use them to fill treat bags, wedding favors, baby shower favors or any other sweet gift you plan to give to guests.

Sweet lollipops also make enticing rewards for students and children in groups and activities. When you aren't in the mood for bubblegum, pamper your taste buds with our Charms Sweet Pops!


The Best Candy I know

I used this candy for personal reason i love this candy you cant really find the orginal flavors no more.... i love these sand the sweet and sour kind too..

Jul 30, 2014
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5.0/5 stars

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Charms Sweet Pops - 48ct Box

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