Silver Chocolate Stars - Foil Wrapped 5lb Bag

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Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping.

45 (225 total)
5 lb bag
Star length: 1.5 inches

The next time you think about wishing upon a star this picture of Foil Wrapped Silver Chocolate Stars may pop into your head, especially after you taste them. Each star is individually wrapped in a shiny foil that will bring a twinkle to any candy dish they occupy.

They are elegant enough for a wedding or formal New Year's Eve party yet fun enough for a kids' party. Silver Chocolate Stars Foil Wrapped candies can fit right in at an Independence Day celebration, and they can even mingle with the red, green, and gold candies at Christmas. Obviously, the Silver Chocolate Stars Foil Wrapped candies create a lovely visual display, but let's talk about the flavor.

They really do taste as good as they look. The decadent chocolate flavor consumes your mouth as it melts on your tongue, tempting you to bite it the entire time. Resist the urge and enjoy the flavor as long as you can. Then again, this is a big bulk supply, so there is no need to try to make them last. You have plenty to indulge in!


Chocolate Stars Were The Stars

The stars were great quality chocolate and were a wonderful favor at our recognition dinner. The attendees loved them. CandyDirect did a wonderful job shipping them and keeping me updated on the status of the product delivery!

Apr 24, 2015

They were perfect. The chocolate was delicious.

Party favors for my moms birthday party

Mar 1, 2015

Silver Stars

These silver foil stars are great for giveaways. Great value - they cost less than a Brand name chocolate yet still deliver great milk chocolate taste.

Aug 27, 2014
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3 Reviews | Add Your Review

5.0/5 stars

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Silver Chocolate Stars - Foil Wrapped 5lb Bag


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