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Coffee Rio Cafe Latte - 3lb Bulk

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3 lb bag

When you pop these Coffee Rio Cafe Latte candies into your mouth, you will be transported to a South American cafe sipping on the exotic yet reassuring taste of a real cafe latte.

Each piece of hard candy has the bold taste of coffee mixed with the sweetness of a candy. The flavor will wake you up at work or give you the taste you crave as a coffee lover. And with the texture of a hard candy, you can savor the flavor with each piece of candy.

These candies make the perfect addition to a coffee gift basket filled with coffee beans, biscotti and other coffee-related treats. Give a bunch to a coffee fiend as a special surprise. Since each piece is individually-wrapped, they make wonderful table decorations and favors for parties. And the coffee flavor will go exceptionally well with a business breakfast or as an after-dinner treat.


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Coffee Rio Cafe Latte - 3lb Bulk

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