Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings - 4.5lb

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Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings - 4.5lb

4.5 lbs

Let the circle, be unbroken. Especially when the circle is a sugary and gummi candy! These amazing Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings are loops of deliciousness that seem to never end. And we hope they never do! That's because these Gummi Rings are coated in a delicious crystalized sugar and have a soft, gummy chew that's hard to resist.

In bright blue and icy white, these delectable gummi rings can be slipped around your finger and enjoyed one by one or set out in a dish to be snacked on at will. Bring some to the next birthday party you go to for a fruity surprise. Add some to a cocktail for a delicious, tangy, and sweet treat. Even add some into Jell-O for a fruity chew and additional pop of flavor. With about 65 pieces per pound, you'll be able to snack every way you'd like with these amazing rings.


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Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings - 4.5lb


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