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Licorice Crows Candy - Movie-Size 12ct

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6.5 oz movie box, 12 count

Do you crave the old-fashioned taste of licorice? Maybe new candies just don't capture the flavor you are looking for. Then you're in luck because Licorice Crows Candy are to the rescue!

These gumdrops from Tootsie have the classic taste of licorice you love. Plus, they come with the chewy, gooey texture of gumdrops that allows you to savor the licorice flavor as you chew. Each one features the deep black you expect of real licorice.

These candies come in a fun movie box that provides you with your own personal serving. If someone wants you to share, give them their own box! You'll have plenty on hand when you buy these boxes in bulk.

Use them for movie nights, as party favors and as Halloween handouts. The crow theme and black candies make this choice the perfect mix of fun and fearful you want in a Halloween treat.


Luv black crows

I have been looking for Black Crows for a long time.....found candy direct web page and found them!!! So, love, love them!!!

Dec 9, 2015

black crows

My candy fix. Ships fast and ALWAYS in good condition.

Sep 27, 2014
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2 Reviews | Add Your Review

4.5/5 stars

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Licorice Crows Candy - Movie-Size 12ct


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