Ferrero Rocher Balls Hazelnut - 12ct

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3 Piece Pak, 12 count

Ferrero Rocher hazelnut balls are a one-of-a-kind treat that is absolutely irresistible! Each piece is full of delectable flavor and texture. This high class treat is individually wrapped in stunning gold foil with the familiar Ferrero Rocher logo on top and a dark brown paper cup on the bottom.

The combination recreates the look of an expensive bonbon. Each Ferrero Rocher ball includes a roasted hazelnut center that's hidden inside a layer of smooth hazelnut cream. The outside includes a thin shell that's smothered in milk chocolate and crunchy chopped hazelnuts.

The combination is amazingly delicious and will make your taste buds beg for another bite! Our bulk Ferrero Rocher balls include a number of candy bar sized packages. Each individually wrapped package contains three separate hazelnut chocolate balls. Give them as a gift, use them as sweet stocking stuffers or include them in shower or wedding favors. The rich look and taste make Ferrero Rocher chocolates perfect for any gathering.


This stuff, is beautiful.

Got them as present for my friend birthday. He opened it, and share with me. Great packing, beautiful wrap. Soft, Sweet taste outside. Crunchy hazelnut inside.
Like an chocolate ball angel.

Jul 31, 2015
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5.0/5 stars

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Ferrero Rocher Balls Hazelnut - 12ct


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