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    Royal Blue Milk Chocolate Balls - Foil 10lb

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    72 (720 total)
    10 lbs
    Ball Diameter: .75 Inch

    When your venue or party calls for royal blue as one of the primary theme colors, put these Royal Blue Foil Milk Chocolate Balls on your list of must-haves. Featuring .75 inch solid milk chocolate balls wrapped in a shiny royal blue foil, these candies look especially festive when showcased in glass or crystal vases and bowls and set atop buffet tables or dining tables as centerpieces or snack bowls.

    They also make for an attractive favor when you pour a heaping handful of these in a decorative cellophane bag or clear container and wrap them with some matching ribbon. Best of all, these royal blue foil milk chocolate balls taste as good as they look, making for a satisfying chocolate treat. Even if you aren't planning for a special occasion, you can keep these on hand at home and dip into them for individual enjoyment whenever a craving for chocolate strikes!


    what chocolate should taste like

    After a thorough search I've found this chocolate to be the best, and Candy Direct a fine provider

    Nov 6, 2014

    Good product

    My customers love them

    Sep 9, 2014

    Customers love them

    I have little plastic cases and I can fit 8 blue chocolate's in them and a business card, everyone remembers me!

    Aug 18, 2014
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    3 Reviews | Add Your Review

    5.0/5 stars

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    Royal Blue Milk Chocolate Balls - Foil 10lb

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