French Burnt Peanuts - 5lb Bag

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Small size, 5 lb bag

Anyone who loves the taste of peanuts will adore these amazing French Burnt Peanuts. Featuring a delicious peanut wrapped in a red candy shell, these unique candies have just the right combination of sweet and salty to really wow your senses. The old-fashioned treats will remind you of simpler times and bring back fond childhood memories.

These French Burnt Peanuts are a great item to have on hand at birthday parties or other light-hearted, festive events like wedding showers, summer picnics, family reunions, or work parties. Serve them to guests as a fun treat they can dip into at the dessert table, or fill take-home goody bags with these exceptional little candies and make sure all your friends and loved ones take one home. Whatever the occasion, these candies are packed with peanut flavor and will be a treat your guests won't soon forget.


Good tasting, careful of your teeth though.

Used to get these when I was a kid. Liked them then and like them now. Just watch out as these are fairly hard so your teeth might not like them. You can put some in a small bowl and microwave them for a few seconds. This will soften them up.

Nov 2, 2016

French Burnt Peanuts - 5lb Bag

Very good.

Apr 22, 2016

Old Time Goodness

Nom Nom Nom

Nov 6, 2015

great deal

my wife and I love these peanuts. the price was better than anywhere else,even with shipping, and very fresh.

Dec 18, 2014
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4 Reviews | Add Your Review

4.5/5 stars

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French Burnt Peanuts - 5lb Bag


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