Orange Fruit Slices - Unwrapped 5lb Box

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5 lb box

Orange fruit slices are a citrusy treat with lots of chewy texture! You'll love every succulent bite of this one-of-a-kind confection. Fruit candy is even more appealing when it looks like the real thing.

Our orange slices aren't entirely realistic, but feature a unique wedge shaped design that grabs attention. Each piece includes a "slice" of orange gummy candy. A slender ribbon of white runs along the edge, forming a separate rind section just like a real orange slice! What makes these charming fruit slices so delicious is their citrus taste. Each includes sweet orange flavor that's coated in sugar granules.

Our bulk orange slices are a great way to make sure you never run out of your favorite orange candy! Larger quantities are also convenient for events. Pour into a glass dish and serve at parties, picnics and more. Or add fruit slices candy to treat bags or wedding favors to complement an orange color scheme!


Great Candy

I have only ordered the orange fruit slices but they were great. They were very fresh and packaged so there would not be any damage. They were also delivered very promptly. I used this candy as part of a wedding favor.

Aug 8, 2016

Orange Fruit Slices

A long time favorite of mine since I was a kid. Packaged nicely and very fresh. Second time purchasing this product from Candy Direct!

Dec 10, 2015
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2 Reviews | Add Your Review

5.0/5 stars

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Orange Fruit Slices - Unwrapped 5lb Box


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