Gimbals Coconut Jelly Beans - 10lb

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10 lbs

When you bite into one of these Gimbals Coconut Gourmet Jelly Beans, you'll think you're eating a piece straight off a coconut tree! These authentic flavored jelly beans have an intense coconut taste and a delicious chewy texture. Anyone who loves coconut will keep coming back for more of these yummy candies.

The bright white color of these Gimbals gourmet jelly beans makes them an ideal addition to special occasions like wedding receptions or anniversary parties. They'll look elegant poured into a decorative bowl or offered as party favors in pretty sheer bags tied with an attractive matching ribbon. You can stock up on them for birthday parties or bridal showers too, using them as prizes for games that you play, or putting them to work by creating a game where they are the main attraction, such as a contest to guess how many coconut jelly beans there are in a glass jar.


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Gimbals Coconut Jelly Beans - 10lb


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