Gimbals Perfectly Pear Jelly Beans - 10lb

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10 lbs

Get the luscious taste of a sweet, juicy pear in the tiny package of a jelly bean! These Gourmet Gimbals Jelly Beans in Perfectly Pear flavor will satisfy your sweet craving and give you the delicious taste of fruit you love.

Enjoy them on their own or mix them with our other fruity flavors. Each jelly bean comes in a light green hue with darker green speckles. The gourmet look and taste of these jelly beans helps them fit right in at an elegant event, although they also work just as well in children's Easter baskets or as party favors.

Put a bunch of these jelly beans in a bowl for guests to grab and enjoy. Or separate them into favor boxes or bags so guests can take them home as a special treat for later. You can also use these tasty and beautiful jelly beans to decorate cakes and to fill candy jars. Work them into a green color scheme or choose them for their delicious pear flavor.


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Gimbals Perfectly Pear Jelly Beans - 10lb


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