Gimbals Verry Blue Jelly Beans - 10lb

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10 lbs

Gimbals jelly beans are a favorite snack among candy lovers. Gimbals is known for their variety and quality. Each bean is smooth, soft and quite enjoyable.

Our Verry Blue jelly beans feature a vibrant azure hue that is complemented by the stunning shine of each flawless bean. You'll love displaying these in glass dishes, candy jars or inside an Easter basket! Each Verry Blue jelly bean features powerful berry flavor that tempts the taste buds.

Be warned: once you take a bite it will be difficult to stop! Our blue jelly bean package is the best way to make sure you never run out of your favorite candy. Bulk quantities are also a must when using these berry jelly beans at events. The bright color and compact size is perfect for cake decorating, so make sure you keep a few with your baking supplies! Try Gimbals jelly beans and discover why so many prefer this classic brand.


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Gimbals Verry Blue Jelly Beans - 10lb


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