Sour Gimbals Pucker Up Lips - 5lb

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5 lbs

Sour Gimbals Pucker Up Lips will do exactly that—make your lips pucker! With their sour flavor and design that makes them look like real pink and red lips, you'll be puckering for a long time to come!

Bring home a funny gag gift for April Fool's Day or to stuff into a piñata with an order of these Sour Gimbals Pucker Up Lips. They will make everyone who is snacking on them giggle with glee. Plus, as such a novel item, they'll be hard to forget. Add some Sour Gimbals Pucker Up Lips to goodie bags for party guests to take home, put a few into a Halloween bucket for trick-or-treaters to discover, or add some to a birthday gift bag for a fun and unexpected treat.


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Sour Gimbals Pucker Up Lips - 5lb


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