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Glitterati Tropical Fruit Mints - 3.625lb

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3.625 lbs

Glitterati Tropical Fruit Mints are so beautiful! With their glittering metallic wrappers in a variety of colors, they're as pretty to look at and even more delicious to eat. In this assortment you can unwrap the flavors of passion fruit, pineapple, island melon, mango and guava.

Glitterati Tropical Fruit Mints make a perfect addition to any candy dish since they're all individually wrapped. Pour some into your household candy jars and watch them disappear as friends and family chow down on their island flavor. These little Glitterati Tropical Fruit Mints also make great additions to a dessert platter, coffee station, or anything else that needs something glamorous and incredible.


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Glitterati Tropical Fruit Mints - 3.625lb

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