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    Peach Gummi Bears - 5lb

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    5 lbs
    Height: .75-inches Each

    Peach gummy bears offer juicy peach flavor for fruit candy lovers. Whether you are selective about the candy you eat or are searching for specific colors and flavors for an event, our bulk gummy bears can help!

    This package includes all peach gummies so you don't have to sort them yourself when the order arrives. Our bulk peach gummy bears include the familiar ursine shape that adults and kids love complete with little ears, paws and muzzles. Each chewy teddy is a lovely orange gold color, just like the skin on a ripe peach!

    Once you grab a handful of our peach gummy bears, you may not be able to stop. Enjoy them in the privacy of your home or take them to work and share with colleagues and clients. Our peach gummy bears are also a great choice for wedding favors, treat bags and any special occasion that will feature orange tones!


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