Gummi Octopus - 4lb

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4 lbs

Invite these squiqqly mollusks to the party of someone who loves the sea. These Gummi Octopus candies fit in perfectly at a party themed with sea life, animals or the ocean.

Each gummy candy has a chewy texture that's fun for kids to eat and a fruity, sweet flavor they'll love. Each octopus comes with a body and a bunch of jiggly legs. Your selection will include a variety of bright colors to enhance the presentation.

Bring these creatures to an under the sea children's birthday party, an ocean life fundraiser or another water-themed event. They're also perfect for Halloween when creepy crawlie treats are always tons of fun. Use them to decorate tables and cupcakes, or include them in fun favors.

Since you can flop the legs around and bite them off one by one, these candies will become the one exception to the "don't play with your food" rule!


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Gummi Octopus - 4lb


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