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Gummi Sharks Assorted Colors - 5lb

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5 lbs

Gummi Sharks Assorted Colors are full of fruity bite and delicious chew! They also come in an assortment of fun colors like red, green, blue, yellow and white, so they're perfect for any candy lover. In their shark-shape, these little gummies are also so much fun to play with and eat.

Play the jaws music in the background while you pour these Gummi Sharks Assorted Colors into their new candy bowl habitat. You can drop a few into Jell-O to create a faux underwater environment. Even use a few in a summertime martini to amp up the fun and flavor. These Gummi Sharks Assorted Colors are perfect for any adult or child party where you want a lot of fun and flavor.


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Gummi Sharks Assorted Colors - 5lb

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