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Gummi Pink Grapefruit Haribo - 5lbs

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One bite of these amazing gummis and you'll feel like you're eating a fresh grapefruit from Florida! That's because these Haribo Pink Grapefruit Gummis are full of zesty grapefruit flavor that will refresh your mouth with their sweet and tart taste. Coated in a crystalized sugar that's semi sour, these chewy gummis will provide you with a delicious tart chew.

Bring some home for a summertime picnic. Add a few of these slices to a lemonade to add a punch of sour grapefruit flavor. Put these on a fruit platter between cut up apples and oranges for an extra wow factor. Even give some away as a tasty gift to friends or family. Haribo got their start in 1893 and found world famous success when they invented Gummi Bears. We hope you order some of their delicious grapefruit gummi treats today and take part in an extremely delicious legacy people all over the world have loved through the ages.


Love Those Pink Grapefruit Gummis

They were a great flavor, fresh, good price and on time.
They were a great treat....

Nov 5, 2014
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5.0/5 stars

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Gummi Pink Grapefruit Haribo - 5lbs

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