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    Haribo Clown Fish Gummies - 5lb

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    Clown fish have become increasingly popular with the success of the movie Finding Nemo, and these gorgeous Haribo Clown Fish Gummies are the perfect accessory to any party with a sea or animal theme. Little kids will get a big kick out of these colorful candies and once they bite into one, they'll fall in love with their soft, chewy texture and juicy fruity flavor.

    Each fish is striped with white and another vibrant color such as red, green, or yellow, and their bright, colorful appearance provides a whimsical look to any decor. Place a bowl of these Clown Fish Gummies on your main buffet table surrounded by an ocean blue tablecloth and other treats from the sea like Goldfish crackers, crab cake appetizers, or fish sticks, and you'll have a complete them carried through from appetizer to dessert. Be sure to package a few handfuls of these Clown Fish Gummies in a pretty bag or container so your guests can take these home with them to share them with their families as well!


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    Haribo Clown Fish Gummies - 5lb

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