Sugar Free Haribo Gummy Bears - 5lb

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5 pounds

Great for anyone watching their sugar intake, these delicious Haribo Gummy Bears come in multiple colors and fruit flavors, offering exceptional taste and variety. Their chewy texture and intense fruity flavor is addicting, making candy lovers come back again and again for another handful, and kids love the cute bear shapes.

Satisfy your child's sweet tooth while effectively preventing those ˜sugar highs' and inevitable tooth decay from eating too much sugary candy. Or treat someone who is diabetic or watching their sugar consumption to these indulgent sugar free gummy bears and they won't ever feel like they have to deprive themselves of a yummy sweet treat. These sugar free gummy bears will be a hit at any party or special event, providing the perfect party favor. Or find many other uses for them, such as a reward for good behavior or a treat when someone is feeling under the weather.


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Sugar Free Haribo Gummy Bears - 5lb


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Packaging suggestions

Looking for a source for sugar free candy for just one person. Do you have smaller size packages. hard to find it in stores. Especailly sugar free chocolate pretzels. Would be helpful to have packs no more than 1 or 2 lbs.
Thank you

Mar 13, 2016