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Jawbusters Assorted - Wrapped 5lb

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individually wrapped, 5 pounds

Listen, buster. We don't want any trouble. But these Assorted Jawbusters are so delicious that we'll make an exception for their tough exteriors! Each one of these individually wrapped Jawbusters candies packs a punch of extremely hard candy shell and a soft, sweetart center.

Toughen your teeth and snack time with every bite. Bring some to your next party to give candy lovers a run for their money. Add some to a pinata for a tasty hard candy that will last for a long time. Even keep some around the house when you need to get out some candy aggression. See who the tough guy really is when you dive into this five pound bulk bag and are faced with hours worth of strong bite and powerful flavor to enjoy. We're sure you'll be in for a serious fight as you try to melt this tough candy shell.


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Jawbusters Assorted - Wrapped 5lb

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Customer Reviews

Good sweets

My hubby loves jaw breakers and we can't buy them locally so when I found them here at candy direct, my hubby never runs out now!!!

Feb 13, 2016


Using a Cpap it dried out my mouth. Having purchases some small jaw breakers I put on in the side of my check which cause saliva to continue in my mouth 1-2 Jaw breakers last all nigh and I no longer have the dry mouth when I wake up

Nov 29, 2015

Personal use. Trying to quit smoking.

Works great for Halloween too.

Oct 14, 2015


I love having Jaw Busters for family and friends. I couldn't find them locally anymore. Great for a sweet treat without eating a lot of calories!

Oct 7, 2015

Love the Jawbusters!

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my Jawbusters order. I use them for friends and family ---of course--- myself! Love the product and was broken hearted when my local store stopped carrying them. I will order directly from now on to enjoy the tasty treat!

Oct 5, 2015

Excellent place to get your jawbreakers from!

My husband and I both love jawbreakers, (jawbusters), and had been unable to find them locally for sometime. I ran across Candy Direct's ad, and immediately ordered their 5 lb. bag. It was delivered so quickly, and they are delicious. I get dry mouth sometimes from a medication I take, and these are really good at allaying it for awhile. I will be buying more before these are gone!

Oct 4, 2015

Fantastic buy

Having a chronic dry mouth, these jawbreakers are just the ticket to relieve the dryness in a super great way. I keep a steady supply on hand by constantly purchacing them from Candy Direct, Best price best deal

Sep 19, 2015

Love my jawbreakers

I couldn't find jaw breakers any where in town so was thrilled to be able to order online. Received product in just a few days.

Sep 9, 2015

I was very satisfied

I was very satisfied with the candy. I found the candy that I was looking for. When they stopped selling it in our local stores.

Sep 8, 2015


Assorted Jaw Breakers are very hard to find! In my case, a few years ago, I was able to find them in a Dollar Store. But no more -- either the store was not able to carry this item or some other reason. Sure was surprised, when I looked up Candy Direct and I was able to purchased assorted jaw breakers. 5 pounds are going to last a long time! But they also carry so much more different types of candy, from the time of my early age. Great product--Thank you.

Sep 5, 2015