Jawbusters Assorted - Wrapped 5lb

Availability: In stock

Read the 9 Reviews

Jawbusters Assorted - Wrapped 5lb

Availability: In stock

Read the 9 Reviews
individually wrapped, 5 pounds

Listen, buster. We don't want any trouble. But these Assorted Jawbusters are so delicious that we'll make an exception for their tough exteriors! Each one of these individually wrapped Jawbusters candies packs a punch of extremely hard candy shell and a soft, sweetart center.

Toughen your teeth and snack time with every bite. Bring some to your next party to give candy lovers a run for their money. Add some to a pinata for a tasty hard candy that will last for a long time. Even keep some around the house when you need to get out some candy aggression. See who the tough guy really is when you dive into this five pound bulk bag and are faced with hours worth of strong bite and powerful flavor to enjoy. We're sure you'll be in for a serious fight as you try to melt this tough candy shell.


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Jawbusters Assorted - Wrapped 5lb

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Customer Reviews


I have been purchasing jawbreakers from the dollar stores for many many years. Approx. a year ago I started getting them from another retailer, until they could not keep their stock up ( guess I buy to many) :) a friend of mine recommended candy direct, so I looked them up and read their reviews. Everything looked great! I purchased 10 lbs of jawbreakers from them and patiently waited for my package. Within two days I received my package, I was so excited I opened the box and WOW there was 10 lbs of candy. The jawbreakers are awesome, they are even a little bit bigger then the other retailers. I will be making all of my candy purchases from candy direct from here going forward, they have a great selection, customer service is wonderful and fast shipping, you can't go wrong! Thank you candy direct I give you 5 stars! A++++

Dec 8, 2014

Best Price - Ferrara Jawbreakers!

Best pricing on the web for Ferrara Pan Candy jawbreakers!

Nov 14, 2014


I suffer a dry mouth and use Jawbreakers to raise moisture in my mouth. I truly love the 4 colors in the assorted flavors but do wish the Black colored one was deleted from the mixture and sold on it on.
Basically I enjoy the low price and free shipping (which is what drew me to the company in he first place).
A sure bet that you will find it's a great buy.

Oct 16, 2014

Great flavor

These are great for long car rides and they have a great flavor.

Oct 12, 2014

Various Meetings w/ Associates

A must have, great price, great flavor

Sep 24, 2014


Always a hit with my team. We have a candy dish in our secure lab. Staff can't bring cell phones in or connect to the outside world, and no trashcans in there, so these are a favorite in the candy dish because they seem to last forever, and nobody has broke a jaw yet.

Sep 11, 2014

Super, Wonderful Jawbusters

What can you really say about these candies. They are the best. Nothing like watching a movie and sucking on a tasty jawbreaker. They are also great giveaways to grandchildren.

Aug 6, 2014

Just love this candy

I recommend it to anybody that just like candy and don't have to run to to the store everyday.

Jan 17, 2014


Always quick delivery

Jun 14, 2013