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Jawbusters Assorted - Wrapped 5lb

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individually wrapped, 5 pounds

Listen, buster. We don't want any trouble. But these Assorted Jawbusters are so delicious that we'll make an exception for their tough exteriors! Each one of these individually wrapped Jawbusters candies packs a punch of extremely hard candy shell and a soft, sweetart center.

Toughen your teeth and snack time with every bite. Bring some to your next party to give candy lovers a run for their money. Add some to a pinata for a tasty hard candy that will last for a long time. Even keep some around the house when you need to get out some candy aggression. See who the tough guy really is when you dive into this five pound bulk bag and are faced with hours worth of strong bite and powerful flavor to enjoy. We're sure you'll be in for a serious fight as you try to melt this tough candy shell.


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Jawbusters Assorted - Wrapped 5lb


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Customer Reviews


I have ordered the candy twice, and plan to continue ordering in the future. Good candy, great delivery.

May 11, 2016

Jaw Busters

This site was the most convenient way to get a bulk supply. I loved Jaw Busters as a kid and started finding them in local stores again. However, they are not stocking them as often and I run out. And then, I found Candy

May 8, 2016


love these jawbreakers. i always carry them with me.sometimes you need a treat, get them you will lovem.

Apr 15, 2016

Personal use

Cheaper than a candy shop! Quick shipping and never a problem

Apr 10, 2016


I was buying my Jawbusters from local dollar stores. They became harder and harder to find until I was told they no longer carry them. That's right not one dollar store sells them anymore! Not a good thing since I have been purchasing these for years. You see I use them for dry mouth, I am taking medication that dries my mouth out and these are the perfect solution for that. So...I started searching the internet. I came across candy direct, they had my Jawbusters in stock and offered them in 5lb bags. I placed a order received them in the time stated and when I opened my package I was very pleased, the Jawbusters were even bigger then the previous ones from the dollar stores. I would highly recommend this company and their products. They deliver what they advertise. You see my first order with candy direct was over a year ago, and I am a regular with this company now and their customer service is A+ ! Don't hesitate place your orders now

Mar 12, 2016


My friend asked me to find some jawbusters as he just like the assortment of tastes,they're hard to find in our city. Now he thinks I can find anything,next time a "needle in a haystack". Thanks for making me the Hero.....Gary

Mar 9, 2016

Jaw Busters

Really like the jaw breakers have had them around for years but all of a sudden I couldn't find them in any store so i had to look them up on the internet. Really glad I can get them again. I take them to cards every week the ladies love them!!

Mar 8, 2016

Candy Direct Review

I always order the Jawbusters since I cannot find them anywhere in any store any longer. Candy Direct offers them at a great price and unlike other businesses, seems to get my orders to me in record time even using regular shipping methods. The product is great and so is the company. I shall continue to buy from Cany Direct.

Mar 8, 2016

We love Jaw Busters!

My husband and I both enjoy Jaw Busters, and had gotten so we could not find them locally. Finally found Candy Direct, and we are never without them now. They really help my dry mouth, and they keep my husband from snacking between meals. Thank you Candy Direct!

Feb 19, 2016

Good sweets

My hubby loves jaw breakers and we can't buy them locally so when I found them here at candy direct, my hubby never runs out now!!!

Feb 13, 2016