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    Black Jelly Beans - 5lb

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    5 pounds

    Satisfy every licorice lover's sweet tooth with these flavorful, stylish Black Jelly Beans. The jelly beans have a rich black color with a shiny sheen that leaves them glistening in your candy bowl. They are ideal as party favors for masculine occasions such as bachelor parties or sporting events, and also make a great addition at corporate conventions or as a promotional item at sales events.

    Add these to Easter baskets or to candy centerpieces at Easter parties to give the affair a special touch, and anyone who loves licorice will keep coming back for more. You can also pair them with orange jelly beans and offer them as a treat for Halloween or as favors at a Halloween bash. Whatever you decide to use these black jelly beans for, they will definitely keep your guests coming back for more.


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    Black Jelly Beans - 5lb

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