Assorted Jelly Belly - 10lb Jelly Beans

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4.7/5 stars

49 flavors, 10 pounds

There is an endless choice of flavorful jelly beans in a bag of Assorted Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. You are sure to get all the great forty-nine official jelly bean flavors from one ten-pound box.

These are ideal for special events such as wedding receptions, birthday parties and Halloween trick-or- treat. The candies are contained in a bulk made of a food grade cardboard box that has no inner lining. This is so to maintain the freshness of the candies by avoiding the effects of humidity.

These candies are even perfect to fill small candy bags that are handed out to party-goers. No matter what flavor you love, there is no telling you won't eat up all the jelly beans in one bag.

You won't be able to pick a favorite because every one of them is equally delicious. It is a mix of super delicious and exciting jelly beans that will wake your senses up. This assortment of jelly beans is a must-have.

Bulk case is delivered in a food grade cardboard box. No inner lining is supplied on purpose by Jelly Belly as it would affect the quality of the product due to humidity.

Perfect service for perfect product

I decided to send a thank you to all the staff that contributed to my care when I was in therapy for a broken hip. Since jelly bellies are my favorite I made individual plastic packets with a thank you to each person. Since I knew it would take about eight pounds I ordered for the first time from your company and could not have been more pleased with the shipping and delivery. I will definitely order from you again

Nov 8, 2015

Good for Gifts

Jelly Belly makes what I call the best Jelly Beans. I can out them in various jars and they make nice gifts.

Dec 8, 2014

Jellybean love

My son loves Jelly Belly jelly beans, so we had to have them for his wedding reception. These jelly beans were very fresh and perfect to fill small candy bags.

Jul 31, 2014
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3 Reviews | Add Your Review

4.7/5 stars

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Assorted Jelly Belly - 10lb Jelly Beans


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