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Orange Jordan Almonds - Milk Chocolate 5lb

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5 lbs

Chances are good that the second you just looked at the picture of these Milk Chocolate Orange Jordan Almonds you decided you absolutely must throw a Halloween party this year.

Knowing these brilliantly colored candies exist and not doing something special to serve them almost seems like a crime. Of course, Orange Jordan Almonds Milk Chocolate candies are not just for Halloween. They are ideal for weddings and kids' parties, too. Orange Jordan Almonds Milk Chocolate treats really do taste as good as they look.

These fresh almonds are coated with creamy milk chocolate, and given a candy shell for a flavor too good to resist. The almonds naturally offer saltiness, while the coating is sweet. Together, they create the perfect balance. This big order is suitable for a large event, but that doesn't mean you can't keep them all to yourself though!


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Orange Jordan Almonds - Milk Chocolate 5lb


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