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    Double Salt Licorice - 2.2lb

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    2.2 lbs

    Double salt licorice is a unique treat for the selective candy connoisseur. Be warned: not every sweet tooth is prepared for the intense taste of this unusual treat. While some dislike its flavor, others are willing to travel far and wide just to get a taste.

    It's a popular candy in Europe that forgoes the sweetness for classic licorice for something more mature and salty. Each piece includes a small coin shaped piece of black double salt licorice. Each morsel includes the DZ brand in raised letters on one side.

    The small, round size makes it easy to grab a handful while on the go. Enjoy these at home or surprise guests with something different in your candy dish! Expand your candy collection to include one of Europe's most unusual and highly sought licorice confections. Our bulk double salt licorice pack makes it easy to get more of this hard to find candy!


    Expect Exactly What They Say

    It's called "Double Salt Licorice" and boy do they MEAN IT! These little discs are like solid, black, licorice-flavored sea-water (with extra salt added). Not a candy you are likely to munch down by the handful, but definitely an interesting experience. The 2.2 pound bag we got is going to last for a while.

    Sep 9, 2015

    love it

    It was like crack rocks

    Sep 1, 2014
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    2 Reviews | Add Your Review

    4.0/5 stars

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    Double Salt Licorice - 2.2lb

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