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    Super Ropes Red Licorice - 60ct

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    60 count
    Length: 34-inches

    Hold on to your hats! These ridiculously long Red Licorice Super Ropes are ready to take you for a wild ride. In a delicious strawberry flavor, these ropes will hog tie your taste buds with inch after inch of chewy, delicious rope candy.

    Start at one end, and your mouth with be tired once you get to the end of the rope. If you have a family who loves licorice candy a lot, then these extra long Super Ropes are a great choice to bring home and make them smile. Having a super hero themes party? Want to impress your guests with feet upon feet of delicious licorice candy? At a mind boggling 34 inches per rope and with 60 per order, that's over 150 feet of candy for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Bring home your own Super Ropes today and get tongue tied during hours of delicious snacking.


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    Super Ropes Red Licorice - 60ct

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