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Bulk M&M's - Milk Chocolate 10lb

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10 lbs

Classic. Crunchy. Chocolatey. These amazing little morsels check off the three "C's" of all the great qualities an amazing candy should have. That's because these classic M&Ms candies have been around for decades and have "melted" the hearts of people all over the country and the world!

This 5 pound bulk bag is jam packed with a rainbow of colorful and chocolatey M&Ms that will keep you snacking happily for hours and hours. Try putting a handful into a bag of trail mix to make an afternoon hike even more enjoyable. Bring a bag-full of these tasty treats to a party to dress up a typical dessert platter. Even keep some around your house for happy snacking and using to make baked goods even more irresistible. With about 420 pieces of candy per pound, you will be able to snack in more ways than one!


Good candy

We made small candy bags for a wedding. They turnded out great and they were fresh tasting.

Jul 31, 2014
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1 Review | Add Your Review

4.0/5 stars

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Bulk M&M's - Milk Chocolate 10lb


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