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McCraws Giant Taffy - 24ct

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24 count

McCraws giant taffy is a timeless treat with a long history. The story begins in Texas in 1908 when Marcus D. McCraw founded his candy making company. Soon after, Dee and Sarah McCraw came up with the concept behind the giant taffy candy we know and love now!

This is a must-have for taffy lovers who want sweet flavor in a generous package. Texas is known for making everything big, so it comes as no surprise that McCraws taffy is available in a giant size! This old fashioned taffy candy is available in patriotic red, white and blue layers. Each stripe runs horizontally from end to end to create a charming display that can be seen through the clear wrapper.

Our bulk taffy package includes many individually wrapped taffy bars that stay fresh and are easy to share. Use them in treat bags or save them to enjoy as a quick snack on a busy day. Take a moment to slow down and enjoy the timeless taste of McCraws classic giant taffy!


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Customer Reviews


Promised my daughter when I found this I would get her a box. I ate this when I was a little visiting my grandparents. She shares my love of candy lol

Sep 19, 2015

Flat taffy

I bought this for my daughter- she ate when she was little and she asked me to look for some- was very happy to find on your web site. Thank you Candy Direct! Love your quick shipping!!! Will return again to your site.

Dec 4, 2014