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Milky Way Simply Caramel - 24ct

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1.91 oz, 24 count

Milky Way Simply Caramel is for candy purists. That's because in this rendition of the famous candy bar, the classic nougat has been replaced with caramel! That means you can bite down and find a bar of caramel buried within the milk chocolate coating.

Unwrap one of these Milky Way Simply Caramel candy bars and indulge yourself in the sweet and salty caramel. Wrap some of these Milky Way Simply Caramel candy bars up in a gourmet candy basket to give away to a lucky someone. Even keep these tasty treats around your home to snack on when you need a luxurious candy that will satisfy even the most voracious sweet tooth!


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Milky Way Simply Caramel - 24ct

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