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Wintergreen Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

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80 count
Length: 5.25 Inches Diameter: .25 Inch

Sometimes, your taste buds just need something different than chocolate or fruit-flavored candies. Wintergreen Old-Fashioned Sticks are a breath of fresh air. These hard candies have a cool wintergreen flavor from start to finish.

You can break the stick into small bite-sized pieces to suck on at work to keep your breath fresh, too. These Wintergreen Candy Sticks are individually wrapped, so they are ideal to display in a glass jar or tape on top of holiday gifts and cards.

One bright green stripe swirls around the stick, making them a festive treat for Christmas and St. Patrick's Day. When you have friends over for hot cocoa, use these as stir sticks. Wintergreen Candy Sticks are certified kosher and gluten-free. They also happen to be fat-free, and one stick is only 60 calories, so this is a guilt-free treat you can enjoy any time.

Due to circumstances outside of our control in the delivery process, we cannot guarantee that all sticks will arrive unbroken. The shipping process will most likely cause some sticks to break. We package them as carefully as possible to prevent breaking, but we will not be held responsible for any broken sticks regardless of how many are broken.

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Wintergreen Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct


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