Orange Slices - Unwrapped 5lb

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Unwrapped, 5 lbs

Freshly picked. Sun ripened. Bright orange and juicy. These Unwrapped Orange Slices taste like they just fell off of a tree in Florida! Coated in crystalized, sweet sugar, these vibrant orange candy gummies are chewy like a gumdrop and flavorful like the real fruit that grows in the orange orchards in the Unites States.

If you're having a party some time soon, these amazing little gummies would be a perfect choice for you. Pop some on the rim of cocktails or virgin drinks for a beautiful and summery look and taste. Add some to a dessert table for people to munch on after the main course of a meal. Add some of these to goodie bags to give people an unexpected and refreshing treat they can chew on. This five pound bag of orange slice gummies will please you and your guests however you choose to eat them!


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Orange Slices - Unwrapped 5lb


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Customer Reviews

Fast shipping!!

My order came fast! I actually ordered from 3 different candy companies on the same day and I received my order from Candy Direct days before the others! This was great because I needed it for a party and I didn't have to worry about it arriving in time!

Apr 29, 2016

Good service.

Orange Slice Candy was hard to find. My previous experience cost me twice as much. This price was much more reasonable, even with shipping. The candy is soft and fresh. Fast shipping.

Apr 27, 2016


I bought this for a friend and my friend said that the flavor was real great.

May 13, 2015


I purchased 5#s of these to give out for RSD/CRPS Awareness Day on 11/3/2014. We broke into them the night before as I was getting everything ready and were disappointed we didn't buy more for ourselves. They're the best orange slices we've found.

Nov 5, 2014