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    Peppermint Taffy - 3lb Bulk

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    Chewy and sweet, our peppermint taffy is a delicious treat that appeals to candy lovers of all ages! Taffy comes in many flavors, but few are as refreshing as cool peppermint.

    Our bulk taffy is individually wrapped so it stays fresh until you're ready to enjoy! Each piece is protected by a clear wrapper that allows the beautiful color and pattern to show through so the candy looks gorgeous when displayed in a glass bowl or jar. Peppermint taffy is a great choice for any occasion.

    The pure white background with thin red stripes look festive during Christmas and New Year's, yet is versatile enough to be enjoyed during non-winter holidays. Use them to fill out wedding favors, shower favors or treat bags.

    Each bulk peppermint taffy pack gives you tons of pieces so you have enough to go around! Enjoy alone or combine with any of our other single-flavor taffy packages to create a mix that matches your theme or color scheme!


    Salt Water Taffy

    There are not many places you can walk into and get a variety of salt water taffy. On Valentine's day we were down at Newport Beach, California. There is a taffy store that you can go to, grab a bushel basket and load it up with all different flavors of taffy. The problem is the taffy is quite expensive. I was searching for another kind of candy and I came across Checkmate and saw the taffy. Oh my gosh I was in haven. Thanks for making my day and making the price reasonable. I bought it for work but took it home to enjoy as well.

    Nov 6, 2015
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    1 Review | Add Your Review

    5.0/5 stars

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    Peppermint Taffy - 3lb Bulk


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