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Pop Rocks Extreme - 48ct

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48 count

Pop Rocks are a favorite treat for children and adults! While other candy tastes good on the tongue, Pop Rocks takes things a few steps further with an experience that entices multiple senses.

Pour these sugary crystal pieces on your tongue and enjoy intense flavor that literally cracks, creating an audible popping sound that tickles the mouth. Our bulk Xtreme Pop Rocks intensifies the original. You get even more popping and crackling that's much louder!

Test your tongue with the super sour flavor in tart berry and sour apple. Our bulk Extreme Pop Rocks includes individual single-flavor tubes that are perfect for parties, gifts and more. Give them to children as a prize for games or activities. They also make wonderful Easter basket and stocking stuffers.

Put them in treat bags for birthday parties or keep them at home so the kids have a fun snack to enjoy after school. Anytime is a great time to experience Pop Rocks Xtreme candy!


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Pop Rocks Extreme - 48ct

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