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Purple Candy Sticklettes Mini - 250ct

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250 Pieces

If you just looked at the picture of these Purple Candy Sticklettes Mini candies, and had a sudden urge to throw a party, you are not alone. This is a perfectly normal reaction to these whimsical creations.

A brilliant purple color swirls around these 2.25-inch sticks for a beautiful display. Each one of these Purple Candy Sticklettes Mini candies is individually wrapped, making them perfect for any candy dish. You can also stand them up like a bouquet in shallow glass jars and use them as centerpieces at a wedding reception.

Are your holiday decorations a little unconventional? Maybe these are the perfect candies to use to replace the traditional red candy cane. Purple Candy Sticklettes Mini candy creates a lovely display, but it is the flavor that will have folks really talking.

The subtle and sweet fruity flavor is delicious and satisfying. Want to dress up cupcakes with something a little different? Unwrap these sticks and stand them up in the middle. You could also break some into tiny pieces as a crunchy topping.


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Purple Candy Sticklettes Mini - 250ct


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