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Jumblo Bubble Gum Balls - Assorted 18ct

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18 count

For some who say that eating bubble gum keeps them going, the Jumblo Bubble Gum Balls is perfect for them. The Rain-blo Jumblo bubble gum is a classic bubble gum that is full of exciting flavors.

Because it comes in a pack of assorted flavors, one can get as much bubble gum experience as he can out of one pack. These tasty gumballs are a great treat for kids and adults of all ages.

For avid chewers out there who love a non-stop chewing experience, having these classic gumballs in their pockets is a good idea. The colorful combination of this assortment excites little kids who love colors. Different color means different flavor for you to chew on.

Because of these delicious gumballs, chewing is no longer just an activity for the mouth as different senses are stimulated as you chew. One's love for gumballs don't waver as long as it's a Jumblo bubble gum.


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Jumblo Bubble Gum Balls - Assorted 18ct


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