Candy Resources

Candy can do so much. There are so many options it can be paralyzing sometimes. And If you're building a candy buffet, you've might have even more questions. How much candy do I need? What's the best way to lay out the candy? How do I know if I have enough? Don't worry, we have your back here.

Check out these helpful articles for great tips on using candy creatively for entertaining guests for all types of events. Whether you're hosting an outdoor wedding with a candy buffet or you want to impress a rowdy group of pre-teens, these articles will help you get started and execute like a candy professional.

7 Simple Candy Buffet Tips

candy buffet layout tips

Choose candy based on an effective candy buffet layout.
At Candy Direct we are focused on providing excellent candy creations. You deserve our personal best tips so you can wow your guests and have a blast.

Rustic DIY Candy Buffet Ideas

rustic candy buffet tips

Outdoor wedding, rustic style? Candy buffets don't have to have silver spoons.
Whether you're looking for true grit or shabby chic, rustic style candy buffets can be whatever you need. Try these tips to make the best rustic candy display.

Funfetti Recipes

awesome funfetti recipes

Rainbow sprinkle-y delcious candy glory.
Nothing makes your favorite candy and dessert pop like funfetti. Pancakes, frosting, cookies, ice cream, you can funfetti-tize many things. Let us show you how.

No-Bake Gummy Worm Dirt Pie

dirt pie recipe no bake

Make a super fun summer treat without ovens.
How much do you think the kids will have making dirt pie out of Oreo cookies and gummy worms? Get creative at home or set up for a fun birthday party.