Essential Candy Buffet Planning Tips for Unique & Exciting Buffet-Style Candy Bars

pink candy buffet

Candy Buffet Tips to Make Your Next Event Special

Candy Buffets are an attractive alternative to normal party food. They customize well to any type of celebration and with the wide range of bulk candy available it's easy to put together a stunning and affordable centerpiece that your guests will enjoy.

It tastes good, too! Guests can munch freely throughout your get-together, and don't forget to send them home with some sweet treats.

Tips For Putting Together a Candy Buffet:

  • Location. When setting up your Candy Buffet, keep in mind the location you've designated at your home/venue. You'll need plenty of room for people to access the candy easily without things getting crowded, and where you set up will also help determine the type of decor you're going to use.
  • blue candy buffet Dishware. Keep one end of the table free for little plates or dishes guests can use to load up on treats.
  • Displays. Use unique dishes for the candy in your buffet - tea cups, mason jars, vases with wide mouths, cake stands, and baskets all work well. Just remember that it should be easy to access the candy, and you should provide scoops and serving utensils so that guests aren't rummaging in the candy with their hands.
  • Take home bags. Include little plastic or paper baggies so guests can take treats with them when they go, or have favors pre-bagged and ready to hand out at the door.
  • assorted candy buffetMix it up. Just because it's a Candy Buffet doesn't mean you have to stick to candy ONLY - you could also provide popcorn, cupcakes or small cookies decorated with candies and colored icing in keeping with your theme. also has a wide array of sugar-free candies available for those who need or prefer it.
  • Consider a centerpiece. A centerpiece will bring your candy buffet together. Use the candy itself, or incorporate it into the centerpiece - tree branches in a weighted vase could be used to hang little treats that guests 'pick' gently. Or to keep it simple, use flowers, or large colorful lollipops tied with ribbons.
  • Know your audience. For weddings and baby showers, a simple muted theme works best. Birthdays and graduations should be be fun and brightly colored, while corporate events should look professional and classy. With the array of colored candies available, it's easy to pick a theme or color to use throughout your buffet.
  • Create a Candy 'Potluck'. Have each guest bring a dish of candy to add to the table. You could remind them of your theme, or let them be creative for variety and surprise.
  • We all scream for candy toppings. Turn your entire buffet into a "Sundae Bar"! Select a wide range of candies, chocolates, nuts, sliced fruit, and syrups to decorate their ice cream, or provide frozen yogurt instead for a healthy twist.
  • Safety first. Keep children in mind when setting up a buffet for a birthday party and prevent choking hazards by skipping the hard candies and providing lots of easy-to-chew options. Or, if you still want to include hard candy, place them out of reach of small hands, near the back of the table and always supervise. Place small cards with the candy ingredients clearly labeled on the table so that those with food or nut allergies can be aware.
  • Health conscious works too. Trail mixes, nuts, and popcorn are a good alternative if you're looking to keep things a little more healthy. Remember, dark chocolate is good for you, too.

Your candy spread can be simple and tastefully arranged, or luxurious and over-the-top! Candy Buffets are easy to customize to your budget and tastes.