DIY Candy Gifts

Homemade gifts convey appreciation and are more personal than anything bought from a store. With the variety of resources and how-tos on the Internet, sweet treats made by you are easy and unique, without requiring a lot of special skill or tools. Candy is a delicious and thoughtful way to usher in the holidays, welcome a new arrival, or just to say thinking of you. And whether for children or co-workers, it's simple to find the PERFECT recipe for that special someone, and they all customize easily to the present season or holiday.

Easy DIY Candies You Can Make At Home

A Healthy Twist

  • Granola - totally customizable, and perfect for families (granola recipe)
  • Trail mixes - simple. quick, and easy. AND it's good for you…. (trail mix recipe)

Creating (With Love)

DIY Candied Nuts
  • Filly sturdy glass ornaments with small treats like M&Ms and tie a pretty bow on top for Christmas.
  • Lollipops, stick candy, and rock candy are stunning when grouped together for a candy bouquet, whether upright in a small "vase", or tied together in tissue paper.
  • For a graduation or Valentine's Day, individually wrapped chocolates or candies can be covered with tissue paper petals and fastened to floral wire to create an edible bouquet
  • Fill a small jar with candy hearts and accessorize with sparkly or plain paper cut into x's and o's for Valentine's Day.
  • If you're making a gift for the entire family, a small basket personalized to each member will keep everyone happy. Quality chocolate bars and toffee for the chocolate lover, lollipops and gummies for the kids, trail mixes with a sweet twist and caramel popcorn for the health conscious.
  • Fill pretty teacup with something sweetly homemade; wrap with cellophane and tie with a ribbon. They'll be able to enjoy the teacup long after they've savored your sweet treat.
  • Decorate mini paper bags, or punch out a pretty little design, and fill to the brim!


Presenting your treats in an attractive and personalized way is also easy, by being creative and using items from around your home.

  • Use clean, recycled jars for small edibles. Fudge, toffee, brittles, and barks work well gently packed in a jar or small tin.
  • Cut squares of pretty cloth to tie over the lids of jars with ribbon or twine.
DIY Candy Bouquet

Labeling Your Gifts

The label could be one you're printed out, or anything from recycled newspaper to a page from an old book. Cut into different shapes for the season or occasion - flower, star, snowflake, rattle (baby shower), christmas tree, pumpkin or ghost (for Halloween), maple leaf (for fall)...just be creative!

If you wish include storing instructions with your candy so they'll know the optimum conditions at which to enjoy your sweet gift.

Remember to… Check for allergies! When it comes to allergic reactions, it's better to be safe than sorry.