Halloween Boo Buckets

Halloween Boo Buckets are Both Trick and Treat for Neighbors

Try something fun and different for Halloween this year! "Booing" your neighbors is a great way to spread the autumn love and sweetness, and as everyone else discovers the fun, you might get "Boo-ed" too!

What is Booing?

Booing works by leaving small bags of treats (candy, small toys, etc) on your neighbor's doorsteps, ringing the doorbell, and vanishing out of sight before the door is answered, leaving them to find a fun, anonymous treat. Generally, you'll pin a note - "You've been Boo-ed" - with instructions for them to carry it on to more houses if they choose.

How to "Boo"

1) You'll need 2 small plastic buckets, baskets, paper bags, mason jars, or anything else you decide to stuff delicious treats into. Keep it small and simple but large enough to contain a generous amount of the good stuff.

2) Decorate it! Tissue paper, glitter, googly eyes and pipe cleaners, and stickers are all good choices for adding some color and keeping things festive.

3) Assemble your goodies and fill your decorated "Boo bags". There's no shortage of amazing candy varieties to mix and match, and it's up to you how creative you get. Mini chocolate bars, candy Corn, taffy, gumballs; everyone loves candy so be generous! Non-edible treats like little toys, fake tattoos, and bubbles also add to the fun.

4) Don't forget your "Boo" sheet! The Boo sheet is a simple page you can download and print that lets you and your Boo-ees know how "Booing" works. Attach to your Boo bucket, and you're ready to Boo!

*Print out several different "Boo" sheets here.*

More Booing Tips

1) Buy in bulk! Buying candy in bulk allows you to spread more Halloween spirit for less. Individually wrapped candies, or bulk unwrapped candies, which you can put into small plastic baggies or directly into the buckets, are perfect for Booing.

2) The amount of houses you Boo is up to you - 2 is generally the accepted number.

3) Don't feel obligated to Boo anyone back - it's ok if you don't!

4) If you have been Boo-ed, cut out the ghost on your sheet and place it on your door to let people know.

5) Boo Buckets don't need to be fancy or complicated - it's just a little treat to welcome in Halloween.

6) Popcorn and trailmix can be substituted for candy in your Boo bag or bucket to make it unique and healthy.

Happy Booing!