Strawberry Rock Candy Sticks - Unwrapped 120ct

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Unwrapped, 120 count
Stick Length: 6.5 inches
4 inches of rock candy

What's sparkly, pink, and sugary all over? These amazing Strawberry Rock Candy Sticks, that's what! If you're a fan of sugar crystals, lollipops and red, then there's no way you won't fall in love with these rock candy sticks.

Bring some home to put out on a table for the Fourth of July and celebrate your patriotism of an all-American color. Add some to a red themed gift basket for a delicious and beautiful treat. Even set some our around Christmas time for a burst of seasonal colors and reminder of springtime flavors to come. The choice if yours with how you'd like to enjoy these beautiful and delicious strawberry rock candy sticks.


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Strawberry Rock Candy Sticks - Unwrapped 120ct


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