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Banana Salt Water Taffy - 5lb

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5 lbs

Salt water taffy always brings to mind warm summer days or family time at the beach, and these Banana Salt Water Taffy candies will evoke these same types of pleasant feelings, with their bold delicious banana flavor and pretty pastel yellow appearance.

The little, round yellow taffies are individually wrapped in attractive clear paper with decorative twisty ends, so these candies make a great decoration when offered at birthday parties, receptions, showers, or business events. Guests will love dipping into a big bowl of these at the candy or dessert table and munching on the chewy, fruit-flavored treats. This Banana Salt Water Taffy also looks charming when scattered around a dessert plate of banana-themed desserts such as banana cream pie, banana split sundaes, or a loaf of delicious banana bread. Kids will be thrilled to receive these yummy candies as party favors after a fun-filled birthday celebration too.


Taffy Town Banana Taffy

This is the BEST Salt Water Taffy. I bought some in a store in San Francisco and loved it. It's very creamy (not the kind that pulls your fillings). "Bet you can't eat just one" would be a good way to describe it. After returning home, I looked online and found Candy Direct. The candy came quickly as promised.. I will definately use them again.

Dec 24, 2014
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5.0/5 stars

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Banana Salt Water Taffy - 5lb

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