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Silver Gumballs - 2lb

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2 lb

Feature these elegant Silver Gumballs at your next holiday event or special occasion to add a sophisticated look to your party treats. Perfect for parties at Christmas, New Years, or other major holidays, these glittery Silver Gumballs look amazing when poured into a large bowl and used as centerpieces at every table or when placed in silvery see-through decorative bags and given out as party favors.

Or, for a more fun-filled, casual event such as a shower or birthday party, use small gumball machines as centerpieces for each table and fill each machine with these gorgeous, delicious gumballs. They are loaded with juicy flavor and guests will love chewing on these long-lasting gumballs and blowing oodles of bubbles. For color-themed events featuring silver as one of the main colors, pair these with gumballs that match the other event color to perfectly color coordinate your event's decor and offer your guests a beautiful, yet delectable party treat.


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Silver Gumballs - 2lb


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