Lime Green Sixlets - Bulk 2lb

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Bulk 2lbs
Ball Diameter: 3/8 Inch

The bold color of these Lime Green Sixlets will get these little gems noticed right away, and their delicious taste will keep everyone coming back for more. The unwrapped chocolate balls are coated with a lime green candy and are the perfect tiny size to use for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, or for topping ice cream sundaes.

These Sixlets have a yummy malted flavor thanks to their cocoa and carob mixture. If you are hosting a birthday party, set up an ice cream buffet and have a big bowl of these bold green round candies nearby for your guests to pour over their ice cream desserts. Or, if you host a baking party or class, have these candies on hand for everyone to sprinkle over their baked treats. These amazing little candies are also a fun treat to have on hand at children's birthday parties. Place a bowl brimming with these Lime Green Sixlets at each table for the kids to munch away on.


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Lime Green Sixlets - Bulk 2lb


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